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says, we can have disagreements relative to the military response since september 11. i don't think that any rational debate could ignore that the lighting of the fuse on september 11 is what set in motion all of those military deaths to which she speaks. and, you know, this is the second time, i think, since the real stember 11, that it has fallen on a saturday. hereas a couple of years ago when this occurred, it was looked at as in bad taste, that you would schedule a wedding for september 11 on a saturday, bar mitzvah, company picnic or even a football game. today is different, alex. america is out there, living. you hope that people will never forget. you hope that people will at least pause. that they'll watch what you're about to show, that they'll go to a church or synagogue today, that they'll go to a firehouse today. i've looked across the country at newspapers d it seems that everywhere there's a place you can go if you want to be affirmative in your support of what transpired and never forget. >> michael, would that suggest
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from your listeners that this is -- 9/11 is an open wound still, or has it been scabbed open over in the american psyche? >> in some respects, it's scabbed over. you already referenced pearl harbor day. i spoke at our son's school yesterday and said to younger americans, for me, this is the equivalent of what the kennedy assassination was for my parents or pearl harbor day for my grandparents. when you think about december 7, people wouldn't think twice about scheduling an event on december 7. so, maybe it's bound to happen, but nine years out, it shouldn't be happening yet, is my view. >> just so you all know, we've been watching from our control booth, people are beginning to read the names of the victims there at the world trade center single year. they go through all of them. they number close to 3,000 people. so, those names are being read right now by friends, family, relatives of the victims. doris, i want to bring up something that you brought up. it's a personal note for you. your son fought in afghanistan
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and iraq. do you get that there is a sense of the service and the sacrifice of american troops? and do you worry that that has become overshadowed? you alluded to that, that we need to honor those that have been kille do you tnk it's been overshadowed? do you think it's been forgotten now that the war in iraq has been declared officially over with combat forces coming home? >> i'm afraid i do think that. in our case, luckily, our son who joined the army after september 11th, never had a thought of the army, graduated from harvard college that june, wanted to do something for the country, ended up serving in iraq in combat and then in afghanistan on a second tour of duty and we know that so many of those soldiers have been called back again and again because we never expanded the army as we should have on september 11th. and we shouldn't forget that. that should be equally side by side withh our sadness about th people who died on 9/11. these are the people who have fought for us ever since then. whether we agree we should have gone to iraq or afghanistan, as michael said, much more
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importantly, these soldiers are doing our duty. >> how do you hope this day will be remembered today, doris? what do you hope will come of it nine years later? >> in a funny way, perhaps the face of hatred we sain pastor jones will remind us we have to change away from that and be more tolerant to muslims and every other religion in our country. >> doris kearnes goodwin and michael smerconish, thank you. coverage from nbc's "today" show, the day of the attacks as it unfolded minute by minute. here now, the msnbc special 9/11 as it happened. just mentioned, we hav a breaking news story to tell you about. apparently, a plane has just
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crashed into the world trade center here in new york city. it happened just a few moments ago, apparently. we have very little information available at this point in time, but on the phone we do have jennifer oversteen who apparently witnessed this event. jennifer, can you hear me? >> hello? >> hi, jennifer? >> hi. katie. can you please tell me what you saw and give me any information about what's going on there? >> yes. i have to -- it's -- it's quite terrifying. i'm in shock right now. i came out of the subway at bowling green, heading to work in battery park, at the ritz-carlton hotel, and i came out and it's -- i saw a -- i heard a boom, looked up, there was a big ball of fire. i'm looking north at the world trade center and it is the last twin tower. i'm looking north in battery park right now. you can hear the fire engines and emergency crews behind me, and it is unbelievable. when the fire first burst it was -- hello?>> >>o ahead. we can hear you.
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>> i have never seen before -- and -- as you know i used to work in news. i've never seen any fire like this in the air. and the pieces of the building were flying down. it looks like it's the -- it's like the top -- i can't even yb tell you, maybe 20 floors, and intense smoke. it's horrible. i can't even describe it. >> do you have any idea what kind of plane it was? >> i'm sorry? >> do you have any idea what hit the world trade center? >> what it was? >> yeah. what kind of plane? we're getting reports that an airplane hit the building. >> i -- i didn't even know that. honestly, i was walking up and looked up and saw a big boom and fire. you know, i got to tell you, we was very interesting it would be a bomb and it would be so high up. so perhaps it was a plane. we have no -- no -- i have to tell you, there is something flying in the air. i mean -- it's mind-boggling. it's horrifying.
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>> jennifer, it's matt lauer. i'd like to ask you, while you were close to the building, or have you, since the explosion, seen anyone who's been injured, being taken out of the building? are there ambulances dealing with people on the sidewalk around the building? >> no. i have not. i have not gotten that close. i have to tell you, my father works in the world financial center. i first called there to see, because it's next door, to see if he was okay. i couldn't get through, and i'm far away right now. i thought it might be a little dangerous to get too close. i saw lots of debris coming down, and right now i'm in battery park. i don't know, you know -- if it's only -- it probably -- a five-minute walk from here to the world trade center, but the smoke is incredible. i mean, i can't see the top of the tower. it's starting to cover the top of the second tower. >> in fact, we're looking at pictures right now, jennifer, with a huge gaping hole on the side the building and billowing smoke. >> i'm right now -- i think -- i see major fire. i definitely see fire.
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>> jennifer, you said you're looking north of the building. in other words, you're south of the building. is that right? >> correct. >> because we're looking at a picture that is looking at the north side of the building. >> i'm on the exact opposite side. >> and it appears that is where the largest hole is and, again, as you mentioned correctly, towards the top of the building but on the north side. then on the, what i think is the west side of the building, we can also see some holes there that could have been from damage once the impact occurred. again, we've been told that this is a plane. we don't have confirmation on that, but there is an enormous hole in the north side of that building. >> jennir, can you tell us a little more what you heard when you heard this explosion? describe it for us? >> absolutely. when i walked out of the subway, i looked at the twin towers, because, i mean, i just always look up there, and right when i looked up, there was a boom. it wasn't -- it wasn'that loud. like, it wasn't huge. however, it was unbelievable was the amount of fire.
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it was a big ball of fire that just went up. and -- i looked around at people. we were all horrified. i'm stuttering, because i'm in such shock. i've never seen anything like it. it's horrible. >> and, of course, this is real cause for concern, because the world trade center is one of the busiest office buildings here in new york with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of workers who -- >> the governor has his office there. >> city office there. >> seval thousand. >> and of course given the timei this has happened, it's only probably appropriate to surmise that people might have been in the building. >> and you know, we've seen stories in the past where planes have hit buildings, small planes, and it would be hard to imagine that a small plane could create that kind of hole in a building like the world trade center and create the damage on the other side of the buildi ng from the sheer impact. small planes tend to crumple and then fall down the building. again, we haven't talked to anyone close to the base of the building. we don't know what kind of debris or wreckage -- yes, go ahead, jennifer.
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>> i'm talking with a police officer who said, yes, he heard it was a plane. >> does he have any information about what kind of plane it was? or can he tell us any more details? >> may i -- i'm going to put you on hold for onet. moment. okay? >> just to the recap, if you're justoining us, you're looking at dramatic pictures of new en york's world trade center in lower manhattan where a short time ago we are told that a plane crashed into the upper floors of the western-most tower. you can see a gaping hole. that is on the north side of the building and you can see residual damage on the west side of that building and obviously fires are burning right now in the world trade center. >> tall buildings are a real problem here in new york. back in th'40s a plane hit the empire state building. in the '60s, a helicopter crashed on the top of what was the pan am building, now the metlife building. >> right now we're getting information, al, that it was a small commuter plane. and, of course, we'll let people know as

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